The chatroom for learning any language in the world


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Babel is a specialist in chatting and dating, so you can chat freely with thousands of connected users, and develop your network of friends from around the world, since you can access the chat in any language you choose.

The best part of this global chat is that connected users will appear to you ordered by proximity, so users who live closest to you will be at the top of the list.

If you want to practice and chat in a specific language, you can select a country and look for people who live in a specific region.

Like any chat client, there is a private conversation option and a general room with everyone, where you'll see a variety of languages being spoken.

If, after a few conversations, you make a friend, you can add them to your favorites. And if someone has ticked you off, you can easily block them.

Practice your language skills in the best way, using real conversations with virtual friends about whatever you want.
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